Watch The Original Halloween Movie, Free On Roku

If you have been looking to crank up the scare on your October Halloween season, you have probably noticed that it’s kind of hard to find the granddaddy of all Halloween movies, the original Halloween (1978) available for streaming.

If you have never tried IndieFlix, you can watch the original Halloween movie for free on IndieFlix. IndieFlix offers a free 7 day trial for new subscribers, and among their available titles this month is the original Halloween.

Besides streaming the original Halloween movie, IndieFlix currently offers a variety of newer horror flicks, and classics such as Evil Dead 2, and Night of the Living Dead. So there is plenty of scary stuff to try for Halloween.

Besides the previously mentioned Horror category, you can stream Romance, Comedy, Documentary, Suspense and more. I would strongly recommend checking out the free trial. If you decide to keep IndieFlix, the cost is only $4.99 a month for a full subscription.

More about the channel from the publisher:

IndieFlix is a global screening and streaming service that promotes and supports social impact films to create positive change in the world. IndieFlix streaming offers a monthly subscription based service to access thousands of high-quality shorts, features and TV. Try free for one week then pay just $4.99/month. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

You can add IndieFlix to your Roku (and signup for the free 7 day trial) via your onscreen channel store, you can click here and add it to your Roku online.

IndieFlix also has Android, and Apple apps availble.


William B. West

William B. West

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