Vinyl Voyage Radio Comes to Roku

One of the latest free streaming music channels to come to Roku is Vinyl Voyage Radio. The channel offers an eclectic mix of streaming music recorded straight from vinyl records.

I listened to it for about an hour today and thought the quality was top notch. The mix was somewhat eclectic with everything from The Clash to Barry Manilow, though the majority of what I heard was Motown classics. There is no skip or fast forward functionality that I can tell. Definitely a nice music streaming channel to add to your Roku.

vinyl-voyage-radioFrom the developer:

This is the official channel for Vinyl Voyage Radio, playing the most eclectic music on the internet, 24/7. All music is played on glorious vinyl, just as music should be. From oldies to new, from jazz to disco, from soft rock to classic rock, Vinyl Voyage Radio has it all.

To add to your Roku just search Vinyl from your onscreen channel store, or click here to add it to your Roku online.

Do you stream music on your Roku? Comment below.


William B. West

William B. West

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