Roku Tops Back To School Tech Lists

Roku is always recommended for home entertainment and it looks as if Roku is topping many of the back to school tech lists. Check out a couple of the recommendations below.

SFGate recommends the Roku 2:

The good: It’s as fast as the Roku 3, and its lower price makes it a better value. The best-in-class Roku platform delivers more apps than competitors, constantly updates and doesn’t favor one content provider over others. Its interface is lightning-quick, fully customizable and simple to use. Search is the best on the market, hitting 17 services and arranging results by price. Voice search is available from the free Roku app.

The bad: It loses the analog outputs and headphone jack remote of the original Roku 2 and the voice search remote of the Roku 3. The Fire TV offers a wider list of games and a captive portal feature for easy hotel Wi-Fi access.

The cost: $70

The bottom line: A nearly perfect mix of speed, features and price make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device.”

Tulsa World recommends the 43-inch Roku Sharp TV:

43-inch Roku Sharp TV ($379.99). Roku has become a popular way to stream programs from providers such as Hulu and Netflix. This flat-screen television comes with Roku built in, and even offers a remote that has one-button commands to stream your favorite channels. This Sharp television features a 42.6-inch diagonal screen, LED technology, 1080p resolution, 6.5ms response time for refreshment to reduce blurring during fast-motion scenes, wireless connection, good-quality TV sound, 3 HDMI inputs for home theater connection and USB port. One popular function is you can control the TV with a smartphone. The free Roku app lets you control Roku TV from a phone or tablet with the same buttons you’ll find on the standard Roku remote. Compatible with most iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices. Using the Roku mobile app, you can find the content you’re looking for using voice commands. Just say what you’re looking for and Roku Voice Search delivers results in the palm of your hand.”

What Roku devices would you recommend for back to school tech? Comment below or on our Facebook page.

William B. West

William B. West

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