Roku 5, & 6 Reportedly Already In Development Pipeline

Roku is already at work developing  their next generation of streaming devices. Thought that information will come as no surprise to those familiar with Roku Inc.’s constant innovation in the streaming device category, it appears that in addition to having a Roku 5 in the works the company also has a Roku 6 in development.

That revelation comes from an exclusive report by Trusted Reviews.  The web magazine says that they spoke to Roku’s Director of Product Development Lloyd Clarke at CES 2016 and asked him if the Roku 5 was already in development. Clarke responded, “Yeah, and the next one after that too (which would be the Roku 6 if they keep the current numbering of new devices).”

He went on to to explain what kind of evolutions they are looking at making with the next generation of Roku devices, “We find that customers are happier when they stream and the way they get to stream more is if they get a faster path to what they’re interested in watching. We’re working on a number of things to shorten that.”

I think most Roku and cord cutters in general would agree that load times definitely top the list of things that take away from the overall streaming enjoyment. In reality lack of load times is probably the only advantage traditional cable and satellite hold over streaming services, if Roku can somehow reduce that I think it is a definite overall satisfaction winner.

You can check out the full article from Trusted Reviews at the link above.

What are some improvements you would like to see Roku make with the next generation of devices? Comment below.

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. Writing for a total of 25 pro wrestling news sites at his peak, before retiring only to return to online journalism in 2011. Currently William is editor of, a contributor to, and editor in chief of &

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15 thoughts on “Roku 5, & 6 Reportedly Already In Development Pipeline

  1. The Roku 4 was sh@%! Should have been called “Roku 3.1,” nothing more.

    What needs to be done for Roku 5 (NOT 4.1!) is the ability to record to sd cards in MP4 format. Add sound outputs to that and I’ll gladly chunk another $150 into it. Anything else is a complete waste of money!!!

    1. Interesting suggestion Larry. It would definitely give Roku an edge over a lot of other streaming devices.

  2. The ability to add a hard drive would be sweet. Solid state is getting cheaper. It would be cool to have a slingbox DVR type ability. Roku meet the Joey, they have a DVR type Joey and you can pull that content to small Joey receiver boxes. That would be sick. I’d fill every room.

    1. I think those would be nice additions as well. Surprised Roku hasn’t thought about offering a cloud drive with X amount of free space and a subscription model for higher storage.

  3. I would like the Voice control to be better, Amazon’s Voice control can make out a lot more then the Roku. Also a different D-Pad for it as well the one you are using right now is awkward great compared to Apple where it is a touch pad. Install a Volume button so you can link it to your TV without getting the TV remote it isn’t a hassle but I mean you guys paved the way for the modern remotes might as well clear the competition. Have a button for Vudu, Flixster, and Hulu they are popular apps alot of people have a subscription to it, So it would be amazing to have it right there. Have a app for the Remote Finder that would be amazing cause I have my phone on me all of the time it would be again convenient for that to be there. Have the remote connect to a home phone so if someone is calling the Roku shows who it is. These would be amazing improvements hell to even have half of them is amazing.

  4. What device can I access my external hard drive? I still have a Boxee Box which I use for this, but D-Link, or whoever bought it, has given up on product support. AirPlay Video was discontinued some time ago. I’m trying to find the “one” right device vs having my Boxee, Apple TV, and a Roku. There’s too much technology fir the right device not to exist. Thanks

  5. Sound, Sound, Sound formats compatibility DTS (all tastes), Dolby (all tastes) and video support for like the very popular x265 either, that’s not much to ask because those days is an standard, not an option. Many people are using his own private media DLNA’s or NAS, but needs to work in the compatibility.

    Two tipes of consumers.
    1. The light consumer (using 480p, 720p, aac, mp3 or pcm stereo audio) (TV)
    2. Power consumer (using 1080p +up ac3 minimun DD 5.1 to ThrueHD/atmos and DTS-MA HD EX, etc) (AVS)
    4k(UHD) is pushing hard too

  6. Second vote for TV volume buttons. Maybe even a built-in HD antena to + the cord cutting theme even more. I would pay extra for these options.

    1. Agreed, I was disappointed when I first bought a Roku to learn that the volume control only worked for ear buds. With all of the different volumes each channel app has it would be nice if you could just adjust volume level through Roku instead of switching to TV remote.

  7. I second the H.265 format. The only problem I have with the Roku 4 is consistently having the UHD/4K option. Some days it’s there, some days it’s not. From what I have deciphered from online forums is that the signal strength from the unit out via HDMI plays an important role in this. So for me, consistent UHD functionality improvement via signal strength and video format (H.265.)

  8. FIRST OFF.. They need to install a d–n power button on the device so I don’t have to unplug the cord from the back of the device just to turn it off. Secondly they need to make it be able to adjust the DNS settings on them like on a PS3/PS4/XBOX so for those of us living overseas can watch Hulu, Amazon prime, or American Netflix. They also need to develop a browser to search the Internet. And lastly make it to where the d–n things can read all video formats on hard drives.

    1. Reece, thanks for the feedback.

      I think the reason why Roku doesn’t include the things on your wish list is because it is aimed at mass market appeal.

      The biggest reason I believe they don’t have a power button is the device is low energy and most folks want it ready to run when the TV powers on. As you have probably seen when you plug in or reboot, the Roku takes quit a bit of time to load from powering off. I think first time streamers would be turned off by this.

      Same thing goes with the web browser, it would slow down the device or cause them to have to up the memory raising costs in a very competitive space.

      I think an Android box would suit what you are looking for better than a Roku.

  9. What is wrong with selling a game pad as an option (or making it work with something most of us have, xbox/playstation controller etc) and allowing googleplay store access for games? This is the missing piece of the puzzle to me. The hardware in the latest ones is capable of decent gaming (never mind what is coming next). PUMP UP THE GAMING!

    Also should play ANY video/audio format I can throw at it from a flash drive. I have the latest roku4k and it’s still pretty useless compared to a simple LG $70 bluray (which plays EVERYTHING). It should play anything that pops out of handbrake. With a huge portion of us ripping our bluray/dvd collections to drives using handbrake (free) into MKV or MP4 files (with any kind of audio, AC3, AAC, DTS, MP3 etc), at this point every unit should just play these. This unit I have CLAIMS to play pretty much everything in MKV or MP4, but it’s far from correct. Subs are usually not working inside either format too. There is always SOMETHING wrong and they need to get it right! It’s not like the hardware is incapable (it has DTS IN now, no need to passthru on my model), so why so many problems?

  10. Make it an Nvidia Pascal or Volta based SOC and charge an extra $15-25. Boom, Gaming done and they play more formats too, same arm based cpus.

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