Flix Premiere Now Offers Movies On Demand On Roku

Flix Premiere, the world’s first online cinema, is now available on Roku streaming devices in the US and UK. It is part of the company’s strategy to make Flix Premiere movies widely available on the over-the-top (OTT) device of consumers’ choice. The Roku launch comes on the heels of Flix Premiere’s September launch on Apple TV.

Consumers are flocking to OTT devices to watch movies and exclusive behind-the-scenes content online. Currently, four out of every ten households in the US own an OTT streaming device, and Roku dominates almost 50 percent of the US OTT television market, based on comScore. Similarly, consumers in the UK turn to streaming devices for content. Keeping with the growing popularity of online streaming in the UK, earlier this year, BAFTA opened up submissions for movies that debut online, changing the previous requirement that a movie had to make a theater debut.

“As we enter 2017, most movie watching will be through apps and the internet. The global video streaming market is set to double in size, and Roku is the streaming device of choice in millions of households,” said Martin Warner, founder and CEO of Flix Premiere. “By tapping into the broad spectrum of streaming devices, we can achieve our goal of giving broad access to world-class films that have wowed critics and film festival audiences.”

Flix Premiere is also available online across every browser, and as an iOS app and Android app across a full range of mobile devices, providing consumers access to an exclusive selection of world-class films curated from top international film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance. A release on Amazon Fire Stick is planned by the end of the year.

Flix Premiere also just launched a welcome program for movie fans to explore the Flix Premiere theater. First time viewers can watch one Flix Premiere movie for free upon signing up.

To view the full selection of movies available to stream on Flix Premiere, visit: https://flixpremiere.com/all-films.

More about Flix Premiere from their website:

Discover New Movies

Discover brand new movies, across all genres, only available on Flix Premiere. Festival winning movies and much more. We release our films just like the movie theater – each with their own Premiere night.

Exclusivity & Quality

All of our movies are exclusive to our platform, and cannot be found anywhere else. We pride ourselves on acquiring great movies that are professionally screened and accredited by the Flix Premiere team.

Instant Access

Purchase a ticket for just $4.99 (£3.99) and enjoy 48 hours to view your movie. Sign up in seconds and get your first movie for Free. No credit card details required to try our service. Hassle free, just great movies…

The Flix Premiere Experience

  • Red Carpet – Each film will premiere on our platform – there will be a specific window wherein each film can be viewed for the first time ever in that territory.
  • Now Showing – At any given time we feature films in our online cinema, giving you a choice of quality new films we have carefully selected for you.
  • Coming Soon – These highly anticipated films will be coming to our Online Cineplex for on-demand viewing in the near future.
  • All Films – What makes us unique compared to physical theaters? You can come back and watch any films previously shown on our Cineplex at any time!

You can add Flix Premiere to your Roku via the onscreen channel store or by clicking here and adding it to your Roku online.

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. Writing for a total of 25 pro wrestling news sites at his peak, before retiring only to return to online journalism in 2011. Currently William is editor of WBWTV.com, a contributor to WrestleOhio.com, and editor in chief of PowYeah.com & Rokuki.com.

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