Complete List Of OS 8 Supported Roku Models

Roku recently announced that they would be rolling out their operating system update OS 8 to devices. They have released a list of OS 8 supported devices on their blog. You can check out the full list below and details about the OS update at this link.

OS 8 Supported Roku Devices

Roku Streaming Players:

  • 4660X
  • 4640X,
  • 4630X
  • 4620X
  • 4400X
  • 4230X
  • 4210X
  • 4200X
  • 3910X
  • 3900X
  • 3810X
  • 3800X
  • 3710X
  • 3700X
  • 3600X
  • 3500X
  • 3420X
  • 3400X
  • 3100X
  • 3050X
  • 3000X
  • 2720X
  • 2710X
  • 2700X
  • 2500X
  • 2450X
  • 2400X

Roku TV:

  • All Roku TV models are expected to receive Roku OS 8

Not sure of your Roku model number? You can find it the on screen settings via your Roku.

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William B. West

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