Beta Max TV Brings “Weird Genre” To Your Roku

One of the latest free streaming channels to come to Roku is Beta Max TV. The channel describes itself as, “a completely free movie streaming service featuring weird genre films from the 60s, 70s and 80s, along with hosted horror shows and crazy found footage clips”. I think it’s safe to say it lives up to it’s description.

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s I fondly remember the late night hosted shows featuring the lowest grade of the lowest grade of B movies, and loving every minute of it. Not only does Beta Max TV deliver the movies they also deliver some of the hosts via their live stream.

fritz-the-night-owlOne of the the hosts I am looking forward to watching is Fritz the Night Owl, former host of Night Owl Theater. “Between 1974 and 1991, 5-time Emmy Award winner Fritz The Nite Owl ruled the Columbus, Ohio airwaves with his unique style of horror hosting. Now he brings his distinctive skills to Beta Max TV. Fritz presents horror films in their pure form, checking in with you every 15 minutes or so, taking you to classic commercial breaks from the 70s and 80s making for a total retro late-night experience.” I was such a huge fan of Fritz as a kid and I am sure he can still deliver.

There are also other hosted shows including Night Frights, Gunther Dedmund and The Basement Sublet of Horror, Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre, It Came From The Basement and I am sure possibly a couple others I am missing as well.

Besides the live streams featuring various hosts they have an on demand library featuring around a dozen B-Movie not so classics.

To add Beta Max Tv to your Roku go to your channel store and search Beta Max or click here to go to the official Roku site and add online.

For more information on Beta Max TV go to and you can click here to check out their live stream schedule.

Did you have a favorite B movie theater host? Comment below.

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. Writing for a total of 25 pro wrestling news sites at his peak, before retiring only to return to online journalism in 2011. Currently William is editor of, a contributor to, and editor in chief of &

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