Amazon Makes Incorrect Roku 4 & Fire TV Spec Comparison

Roku enthusiasts know the Roku specs like the back of their hand.

Some have pointed out a discrepancy in’s comparison of the Amazon Fire TV to the Roku 4. On Amazon’s page for the Fire TV they have a “compare to Roku” link. In the popup graphic it shows the Fire TV has 2 GB of memory which is correct, but then it incorrectly shows the Roku 4 as having 512 MB of memory. This of course is incorrect it should say 1.5 GB. Some discussion has been raised as to whether Amazon might have meant storage instead of memory, but the Roku 4 has 256 MB storage and 1.5 GB memory (RAM), so in either case it’s incorrect.

Another omission seems to be happening on the WI-Fi line. Both devices mention MIMO dual-band wireless, but on the Roku 4 the “802.11ac” is omitted. Both devices are 802.11ac but to a casual observer it could look as if the Roku isn’t up to par with the Fire TV.

These errors could very likely be honest mistakes on Amazon’s part as the online retailing giant lists millions of product specs, the fact that amazon’s own device competes directly with the Roku gives the appearance something could be up and has created quite a buzz in the Roku community.

You can check out a screen shot below and the comparisons at the link above:


William B. West

William B. West

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