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Since the launch of DirectTV Now last year, some Roku owning cord cutters have anxiously awaited the availability of the live TV streaming service on the Roku device.

The launch of DirectTV Now on Roku was originally announced to happen sometime in the first quarter of 2017, but later was quietly pushed out to “sometime in 2017”.

If you are one of those people looking to stream DirectTV Now on Roku, a workaround is availble via the PlayOn app. PlayOn sent out a press release today touting how you can watch DirectTV Now on Roku via their app:

MediaMall Technologies Inc. today announced support for DIRECTV NOW in PlayOn Desktop. PlayOn’s DIRECTV NOW channel enables users to rise above device and recording limitations and watch DIRECTV NOW on virtually any device – including Roku and game consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii. PlayOn’s DVR capabilities further empower users to record and download DIRECTV NOW streams and watch them later, offline, on any device and even skip over commercials like a traditional DVR. Without PlayOn, DIRECTV NOW customers are only able to watch on select devices, and cannot record or download videos for offline viewing.

PlayOn Desktop is the first and only streaming DVR. With no additional hardware or devices, PlayOn’s downloadable desktop app turns a PC into a streaming media center – enabling users to (1) cast videos to their TV via any popular streaming device or game console (2) record shows to watch later, offline, on any device, and (3) skip over commercials. The software runs in the background of your PC and does not disturb its other uses.

“PlayOn’s support for DIRECTV NOW is a game changer for cord cutters,” said Jeff Lawrence, President and CEO of PlayOn. “Until now, cord cutters had to sacrifice sports channels, live news and live shows, as well as give up their DVRs. The combination of DIRECTV NOW’s live content and PlayOn’s casting and DVR technology enables consumers to watch anything they want, anytime they want on virtually any TV or device. The combination of PlayOn and DIRECTV NOW is truly revolutionary, and rivals Comcast’s Xfinity feature set at a fraction of the price.”

DIRECTV NOW provides an inexpensive alternative to cable and satellite subscriptions. Until now those savings came with sacrifices such as the lack of a DVR and limited device support (noticeably unsupported are Roku and game consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4). Now with PlayOn, DIRECTV NOW customers can truly enjoy a complete TV experience in their home, or on the road.

The PlayOn Desktop app is available as a free download from To record and cast media, PlayOn Desktop users can upgrade for just $29.99/year or $69.99 lifetime. For more information on PlayOn, please visit

William B. West

William B. West

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