TCL Roku TVs Get Smarter With New Software Updates

TCL, one of the world’s largest and America’s fastest-growing television brand, announced that its award-winning TCL Roku TVs will now be able to pause live over-the-air programming. With Roku OS 7.5, the latest version of Roku’s operating system, the exclusive features will offer an optimized viewing experience. With the ability to continuously update the television software, no matter when the TCL Roku TV was purchased, owners will enjoy these and other new benefits. The software update has begun and will be pushed out to all TCL Roku TVs over the next 90 days.

“This software update not only delivers fresh features for TCL Roku TV customers but is also the latest effort in our continual improvement of the award-winning televisions in our lineup,” said Chris Larson, vice president, sales and marketing for TCL. “We believe that streaming is the future of television so we are proud to offer the newest smart TV OS in the best device for cord-cutters on the market today.”

With an antenna connected to a TCL Roku TV, you can now easily pause and playback digital broadcast TV ensuring you never miss a minute of the show or game. The new feature allows over-the-air TV to be paused for up to 90 minutes. To take advantage of Live TV Pause, a compatible USB flash drive* with 16GB or more of available storage capacity must be connected to the TCL Roku TV.

Also with the update, users can enjoy private listening via their mobile device when streaming. Mobile Private Listening can easily be activated by launching the Roku mobile app while connected to the same wireless network as a TCL Roku TV and connecting a pair of headphones to the smartphone.

TCL Roku TVs always stay current with automatic software updates providing new features to offer a premium streaming experience, as well as help save costs by eliminating the need for a cable box and extra devices. Unlike other TV manufacturers, TCL also continues to include a tuner in all TCL Roku TVs as a critical supplement to streaming and a great way to access popular network TV and live sports in high definition over the air at no additional cost*.

Earlier this year, TCL unveiled its new Ultra HD 4K TCL Roku Smart TVs that incorporate one of the best combinations of picture quality, content, ease of use and value in the market today – all with easy access to more than 3,500 streaming channels and 350,000+ movies and TV episodes.

William B. West

William B. West

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    1. Make sure you have the official Roku remote app (there are some non official Roku apps available). On my phone remote there is a little headphone icon. Check you OS build too, your TV may not have updated yet.

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