Roku Updates Privacy Policy

Roku has updated their privacy policy. Today they sent out an email to users informing them of the update:

Dear Roku Customer,

At Roku, we’re always striving to make our policies clearer and more transparent. We’ve updated Roku’s Privacy Policy to do just that. Here are some quick highlights.

• We’ve clarified the scope of our services that the Privacy Policy applies to. For example, in addition to our Roku devices, website, and mobile application, the Privacy Policy also applies to emails and newsletters that we send you.

• We’ve added details about the ways in which we may communicate with you, such as by sending you surveys.

• We provide additional information about how we and others collect information to personalize your experience and to measure and deliver more relevant advertising from Roku and Roku’s partners, including across Roku websites, Roku devices, the Roku Mobile App, in ad-supported channels, and on third party apps, sites and devices.

For more information, we encourage you to read the full text of the Roku Privacy Policy, as well as the Roku Cookies Policy for Roku Website, so that you understand what data we collect and how we use and share it.
Thank you for being a Roku customer.



William B. West

William B. West

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