Roku Comments On Mexico Ban

To update our earlier report, there is currently a ban of Roku sales in Mexico. A court order to ban the popular streaming device was issued by the Superior Court of Justice of the City of Mexico, Thirty-eighth Civil Court at the behest of Cablevisión.

We reached out to Roku for an official comment to add more context to the story and they promptly responded. You can check out Roku’s statement below:

“There is a court order banning the sale of Roku streaming players in Mexico. We are working diligently to restore full availability of Roku devices in retail. Current Roku customers are not affected by the order, and can use their devices to stream.

The CableVision case is principally targeted at specific individuals and businesses that are accused of selling unlicensed video content to consumers.

Roku’s platform rules prohibit the distribution of content that violates copyrights. When we receive notice we either force the removal of the infringing content or we take don the infringing channel entirely. We also take legal actions against parties that misappropriate our trademarks and improperly use them to promote their businesses, causing consumer confusion regarding the source of their content. In addition to engaging in anti-piracy initiatives on our own, Roku is actively working with the content community and other rights holders in efforts to combat piracy.”

Hopefully Roku can get this cleared up soon so the authorities can focus on the people streaming illegal content, and not on Roku. Roku is a very respected company by almost all of the major content companies, due to their stringent efforts to keep illegal content of of their devices.

For more ino on the initial reports of Roku being banned in Mexico, click here.

William B. West

William B. West

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