Roku CEO Anthony Wood Talks Original Content, Disney/Fox Merger

Roku CEO Anthony Wood recently spoke with entertainment website THR about a variety of topics. Wood talked about Roku going public, Roku’s competitive edge, thoughts on moving to mobile and more. Wood also talked about the effect of the proposed Disney/Fox merger on Roku, and his thoughts on Roky producing original content. You can check out highlights of the latter below, and the full interview at this link.

THR: “Will the Roku Channel follow Amazon and Apple into producing original programming?”

Anthony Wood: “We have no plans to get into content production. I don’t know what we’ll be doing five years from now, but the Roku Channel does have some content that we’ve directly licensed from studios, which is a big step for us. We’re not talking billion-dollar budgets. We are a distribution platform for content, so if you have a content business, we’re the best place to go to reach an audience, to promote to that audience, to monetize your content.”

THR: “How will the Disney-Fox merger impact Roku’s business?”

Anthony Wood: “We’re going to see the emergence of a handful of large-scale SVOD services. Netflix is the biggest now, and there are others competing to be there, Amazon, Hulu, Disney. Those companies are good for our business because one of the ways we make money is helping them build audience and distributing their content.”

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. Writing for a total of 25 pro wrestling news sites at his peak, before retiring only to return to online journalism in 2011. Currently William is editor of, a contributor to, and editor in chief of &

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