Magnavox Roku TVs Coming Soon

Roku, and Funai Electric today announced that Funai will extend its Roku TV licensing agreement to include the Magnavox brand in addition to the previously announced Philips brand. Funai will leverage the Roku TV platform to build and deliver Magnavox Roku TVs featuring the Roku operating system (OS). HD Magnavox Roku TV models are expected to be available in select retailers in the U.S. this spring.

“Magnavox is a respected, 100-year-old American brand and remains an American-designed TV product line. With the launch of our Magnavox Roku TVs we bring the latest smart TV technology to this trusted brand,” said Peter Swinkels, general manager, product planning at Funai Electric. “The Roku OS delivers a wide breadth of content, simple navigation and search, an easy-to-use remote and regular software updates so we can offer a great TV experience to our customers.”

“Just a couple of months ago we announced our partnership with Funai to market Philips Roku TVs, and now we’re happy to bring the Magnavox TV brand into the Roku TV licensing program,” said Chas Smith, general manager of Roku TV and players. “Magnavox is recognized for its very long history of delivering quality and high-performance at a smart price, and will no doubt build a very compelling Roku TV for consumers.”

In my opinion this is a great move for Roku. Magnavox is a trusted tv brand with many people. While the TCL tvs have been great, TCL is still a new name to many. This will help get Roku recognition as a legitimate TV OS to amny folks unfamiliar with the brand.

William B. West

William B. West

William B. West has been an internet journalist since 1998. Writing for a total of 25 pro wrestling news sites at his peak, before retiring only to return to online journalism in 2011. Currently William is editor of, a contributor to, and editor in chief of &

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