CarbonTV Debuts Season 2 Of American Harvest

Season two of the popular agriculture docu-series “American Harvest,” presented by Chevy Trucks, debuts exclusively on CarbonTV. The new season focuses on the next generation as they battle the odds to pursue careers in the rapidly evolving agriculture industry. “American Harvest: Next Generation” is available on-demand for free on and related CarbonTV OTT apps, including Roku.

“American Harvest” Season 1 introduced the Johnsons, a multi-generational family of farmers in Central Minnesota. In Season 2, the series follows Leah Johnson as she manages a full-time job at Red River Marketing while also helping her father and brother run the family farm. Josh Fiedler and his wife Liz, who grew up raising cattle, prepare to re-enter their old lives with a risky move back to the family farm. Chad Olsen, owner and operator of one of Olsen Custom Farms, enters into another year of custom harvesting along the route from Texas to Canada. With a fleet of more than 80 combines, Chad’s business is a feat of organization and problem solving. They must all find a way to make a living in an agriculture industry that is far different than the one in which their parents grew up.

“Viewers loved Season 1 for its authentic portrayal of the high-stakes American farming industry,” says Daniel Seliger, EVP of Content and Marketing at CarbonTV. “Season 2 continues the story with a focus on the passion and commitment of the next generation.”

You can add CarbonTV to your Roku via your onscreen channels store or by clicking here to add it to your Roku online. You can also watch “American Harvest: Next Generation” now at

William B. West

William B. West

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