Advergent Announces Turnkey Roku Channel Development

Advergent, the new Roku development startup funded in part by Mediarazzi founder Phil Autelitano, today announced its new Turnkey Roku Channel program aimed at broader market, casual content creators and end-users. The new program will enable content creators of any size to rapidly deploy a Roku TV channel for as little as $249 and $9.95 a month.

“We’re taking Roku development mainstream, just like web design,” said Autelitano. “We aim to be the Wix of Roku development, but at a higher pricepoint, at least for now.”

Advergent’s Turnkey Roku Channel program was created to make launching a Roku channel simple, easy and affordable to anyone. It includes custom end-to-end channel design and development, advertising and subscription integration, and Content Delivery Network solution with unlimited bandwidth.

The program’s pricing is tiered based on content ingestion and storage used. The Starter Channel package, for instance, includes 25 videos or up to 20GB of video storage, and costs just $249 (one-time setup) and $9.95/month, while the more advanced Enterprise Channel includes up to 600 videos or 1TB of storage, as well as advanced monetization integration and a dedicated advertising sales team, and costs $3,499 (one-time setup) and $99.95/month.

All of Advergent’s Turnkey Roku Channel packages include complete channel coding and design, custom MRSS or JSON channel feeds, web portal with advanced tracking and analytics, a dedicated Channel Manager who maintains and updates the channel regularly and 24/7 tech support both for the channel publisher and channel viewers.

The secret to Advergent’s low-cost development lies in their state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network, which enables them to keep bandwidth costs low. Until now, CDN and bandwidth fees have made launching and maintaining a Roku channel cost-prohibitive to many smaller content creators.

Ultimately, the Advergent solution is perfect for the smaller or casual content creator, the less-than-tech savvy or the busy content creator who has better things to do than develop, launch and manage a Roku channel. Advergent believes it’s low-cost will finally put Roku channel development within reach of more content creators.

For more information on Advergent, or Turnkey Roku Channel programs, visit

William B. West

William B. West

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