Adam Sandler Talks Netflix, Ridiculous 6 With Howard Stern

Comedian Adam Sandler was recently on The Howard Stern Show promoting his Netflix original movie, The Ridiculous 6. Here’s a short recap from Howard’s site of their discussion about his Netflix deal.

The film is part of a four-picture deal he has with the digital distribution giant, which has recently expanded its business to include film and TV production. He said Netflix’s chief content acquisition officer Ted Sarandos courted him for awhile because Adam’s films have always been so popular on Netflix.

Adam said his brother, who is also his lawyer, and agent had to talk him into signing the deal with Netflix at first, but that it was ultimately a good decision for several reasons, including all the freedom it gives him to make the kinds of movies he wants, and also the private jet that the company owns, which is taking Adam back to the West Coast after Tuesday’s interview with Howard.

As for “Ridiculous Six,” the comedic Western that Netflix just released, Adam said it’s already doing very well. He said he was extremely proud of the film, which he said was a great experience to make, though he did caution Howard against comparing it to Mel Brooks’ iconic slapstick Western, “Blazing Saddles.”

“‘Blazing Saddles’ no one can touch,” Adam said.

William B. West

William B. West

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